Dolphin Labs provides wave energy technology as a cost-effective, carbon-free solution for access to power and data offshore.

Our xNode: At a Glance

Our proprietary xNode™ technology is a versatile and resilient ocean-observing platform designed to meet the needs of varied offshore end-users.

Built on an award-winning, multi-kW PTO system, our technology is engineered for high performance and wave absorption efficiency in all sea states and weather conditions.

Alongside enabling and improving a range of offshore missions, the xNode™ provides operators with a novel opportunity to lower operational costs and carbon emissions by unlocking ocean waves for power and data.

As a facilitator in the Ocean Internet of Things, the xNode features core capabilities for connecting the growing network of smart ocean technologies including:

→ Power generation from 500W to 5kW

→ Energy storage from 3kWh+ on-board and unlimited subsea

→ Anchored or free-floating mooring options in any depth

→ Data and communications support via on-board edge computing, secure 4G and satellite links


An ocean science sensor suite ensures that every mission maximizes data collection and cross-functional interest.

→ The modular scientific payload compartments can be equipped independently and easily configured in the standardized hull to enable observations above and below the waterline.

→ A digital twin enables continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance insights while reducing operational downtime.

A lightweight, compact size, enabled by an inflatable hull, allows for easy storage, shipment, and deployment.


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